La Tour VII




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Víctor Rodríguez, "La Tour VII", 2000, 58" x 78" acrylic on canvas

Víctor Rodríguez was born in Mexico City in January 1970.  He studied graphic design at the University of Iberoamerica in Mexico City.  He paints in the photo-realist style and has had numerous solo exhibitions in America, Italy, France, The Netherlands, Germany and Latin America.  

He is one of the most contemporary "Pop" artist in Latin America.  This series establishes a contemporary dialogue, both direct and indirect, with the old master George de La Tour (1593-1625).  The rich and varied work of La Tour was a careful study of the world and contemporary life of his period.  

Rodríguez's wife Mayt? is the subject of this and many of his works.  She involves the viewer as a participant in the action of the painting.


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